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Pastors and Politics

Should pastors just “stick to preaching the gospel” and not address politics?

How can pastors address politics in a way that continues to put the gospel first?

What does the Lord of the Rings teach us about living through turbulent times?

I want to invite you to check out my conversation with Pastor Steve Surine. We’re not experts on these matters, but I hope the conversation draws out the tensions for pastors living in our partisan age as they try to keep the gospel central and also show how the gospel applies to every area of life.

Click here to listen.

Also, you can help!

I hope to have more of these conversations. If you would like to nominate someone for me to interview, please let me know. I’d be especially interested in interviewing people who would be willing to share about interesting books and articles they have read, who would be able to address topics from an informed and nuanced perspective.